Gastelum Jess Beauty

My name is Jessica Gastelum. I was born in Sinaloa Mexico, at the age of 15 I came to the United States with my mother and my two brothers younger than me. Arriving in this country I had to work in different places such as cleaning houses, in a car wash and selling tortas in parks, it was difficult for me to find another type of job because I did not know the language and did not have a social security number. I met Ulises, the man who is now my husband, we got married very young, he was 19 and I was 16 years old. Three years later our first son Eduardo was born, and it was there that we started the engines to give him a better life, three years after that, our little princess America came to complete our beautiful family. When my children were old enough to attend school, I went back to school and earned my GED and Child Development Associate. As a good Latina woman, I have always been passionate about fashion, makeup and being well presentable, I am clear that every woman is beautiful because we were created in the image of God, it is very important to love and pamper ourselves. That is why after ten years working with preschool children I finally decided to quit and pursue my dream, which is to enter the homes of all these beautiful women through my products, and it is my wish that I can be part of that change you want to make in your life, not only physical, but also interior. May we all, together can say "JESS, I'm Beauty"

~Gastelum Jess🖤